Hardwood Floor Winter Maintenance

When winter comes it brings some challenges for maintaining your hardwood floors to keep them looking as clean and new as much as possible.

One of the biggest challenges is the dirt and salt that can be tracked in from outside as these particles can scratch the wood and also remove the protective finish from your hardwood floors. Another concern is water as you, your children, pets or guests over the holidays can bring their ice or slushy boots into your home and the water can get into your hardwood floors. Excess water in your hardwood flooring can cause the wood to get warped and cause gaps between the boards.

Another concern can be humidity. As the cold temperature comes outside our tendency is to turn up the heat inside or turn on the fire place on those extra cold days. We have to remember that wood expands and contracts with exposure to moist and dry air. As your home gets exposed to different levels of hot and cold temperatures you want to try and keep your homes temperature at a constant humidity level.

Some easy solutions are to use rugs and mats in entryways to try and avoid the floors from getting wet or from getting salt and dirt on the floors. Some people wait until spring before they call in a hardwood floor specialist to either clean or repair the hardwood floors but the sooner you get the specialists the better. The faster a hardwood flooring specialists comes in to repair your hardwood floors the better chance we have at minimizing any damages which in turn can save the homeowners money.

If you have any questions about winter hardwood maintenance don't hesitate to give Wood Floor Polishing Inc a call. We would be glad to answer any questions and even provide you with a free estimate on cleaning or repairing your hardwood floors.

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Hardwood floors are very complex to clean as they absorb dirt, bacteria and fungi deep into it. Wood Floor Polishing Inc. provides professional hardwood polishing services to anyone in need. It is very important that after cleaning the floor, it must be repaired, maintained and sealed so that no more dust and moisture can get deep into the floor.


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